Commission A Fisherman

Commission A Fisherman aims to support sustainable fishing & shellfish diving.

To combat the short supply of quality seafood we encourage our customers to let us know of any fishermen & divers to support the cause.
You can leave a comment bellow naming a local fisherman, diver or seafood lover bellow or use our Facebook or Twitter pages.

 Giant trawlers with nets the size of three or more football fields used to steal the whales dinner.
                                                                               The fish & prawns, often frozen at sea.
 Inveraray no longer has fishing boats land their catches on its pier, leaving Troon our most accessible fishing port. 
To add to the complexity of the situation a lot of the West Coast's catch ends up in London, Paris or Spain within 48hrs of being landed. 
Strangely it's not uncommon to come across warm water prawns from Asia being sold at our local markets when our own local Langoustines have been snapped up.

 You may have seen our staff tucking into a lobster, or gorging on langoustines.  These items cant be kept in stock long so aren't likely to make it to our specials board. We can however purchase these delicacies from the market or a local supplier. Depending on the size and amount required deposits may be required. 
 Once one has mastered the art of "Pa Fan" with chopsticks can one truly appreciate the balance of flavours added to ones bowl. 

 Our Head Chef  Danny has mastered the art of simply steaming the seafood to perfection infusing traditional Hakka Chinese vegetables into a complimentary dip along with chilli soy sauce and boiled rice, is arguably one of the best meals I've had the pleasure of eating.

Customised seafood banquets can still be prepared if booked in advanced  ( price tba subject to availability )  
If you are planning a seafood evening in the restaurant ask for Selina when you call to arrange for the best idea of whats available at market and short notice. 

Don't forget to use our Facebook or Twitter pages to tag, support & promote your local fisherman #CommissionAfisherman don't let the trawlers have all the fish!